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Take advantage of powerful Windows tips and tricks, free download information and friendly advice to answer your questions and make your time at the computer safer, easier and more fun. (Click here for the most popular Windows tips)

Learn how to set up, personalize, and maintain your computer.




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Find out how to put the features of Windows XP to work for you and find time-saving tips for browsing the web.

If your computer is acting up or if you feel your computer is working against you instead of for you, you will find immediate benefits in the amazing tips that will make your work with the computer much more efficient and more fun.

You don't have to be a computer wizard to benefit from our tips and tricks because everything is laid down in easy, step by step instructions.

It's easy.

You can stay in your comfort zone while you come here for a wealth of information without being talked down to and we encourage you to come back for more.

Why ?

Because we will constantly add new tips and hidden features. The world of computers and the internet is always moving and we provide powerful free tips and techniques so that you can effectively master your computer.

At your own pace.

No need to blush if there is something you don't know. We help to take away the pain and we try to make your life easier by providing friendly, success-focused and honest help.

Feel free to explore the rest of the site. Our Windows tips and tricks are arranged by category, for your convenience. Please remember to come back again and check out our newest powerful tips.

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Enjoy the Windows tips and tricks!

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