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Not many people know how to change System Properties logo and support information on Windows computers.

This little trick is useful to

In a previous xp-system-properties-logo article we explained how you can manually change the graphic and support information in the Windows system properties screen. However, the techniques described in that article were specific for Windows XP.

Since Windows Vista has been released, we have gotten some questions from readers wanting to change system properties logo and information on a Vista computer.

So here's how to do it:

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

"Model"="just to show branding"
"SupportHours"="8am to 7pm"


Now save this text file somewhere and make sure to give it a .reg extension.

In this next screenshot you can see how we saved it on the desktop:

Change System Properties Logo

You can now enter the information contained in the file into the Windows Registry by double-clicking the file. That's an easier way to change system properties logo than entering the information in the registry manually.

When you double-click the file, Windows will issue a warning about entering information into the registry, but it's ok to continue.

Afterwards you will see a confirmation that everything is entered into the registry and now it's time to reboot your computer.

This little trick to change system properties logo only takes effect after the computer is rebooted.

So after a reboot, right-click "Computer" in the Start menu, select "Properties" and take a look at your customized System Properties screen:

Change System Properties Logo

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