Create a Gmail account

Why would you want to create a Gmail account ? There are numerous free e-mail services on the net, so why is everyone so excited about Gmail ?

In this Windows XP tips and tricks article we try to explain the benefits of this great free e-mail service by Google.

Gmail works perfectly and offers a lot of great functionality, but in order to get an account, you need to obtain a "Gmail invite". That's right, you need to know somebody that already has a Gmail account and ask this person to send you an invite.

Update 12-FEB-2007 : Google has now "opened up" the Gmail signup form for everyone, which means that you no longer need an invitation to get a gmail account. Click here to go to the signup form.

Or you could try using our contact form if for any reason whatsoever you still want an invitation.

What's so great about it ?

To begin with : its price.

It's free.

And furthermore, it's an initiative by Google. It wouldn't be the first time that they did something right. One of the great things is that Google believes that you should never have to delete a mail message because of a lack of storage. A Gmail account comes with an impressive amount thereof.

Create a Gmail account

The search functionality. I guess we don't have to explain you that it works.

Spamfilter. When you create a Gmail account, you automatically have a very good spamfilter. No extra software required.

The Gmail notifier is an extra free option that you can install. It pops up a warning message in your Windows XP notification area whenever new mail arrives in your inbox. Even when you don't have a browser window open.

Gmail is web-based, which means that you have access to your mails from anywhere, as long as there's an internet connection available. You can even use Gmail on your cell phone. You can however, also use Gmail in combination with Outlook Express.

Automatic responders ? Sure. Set it up and the autoresponder automatically sends a reply when you are on vacation or out of town.

You can use Gmail for your domain if you have your own domain, like You can create and manage several e-mail accounts for your own domain and benefit from all the functionality that comes with a Gmail free mail account.

Conclusion : plenty of reasons to find someone who could send you a Gmail invite and start showing off with this great free e-mail service.

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