Do you need Fax software for Windows XP ?

Are you looking for fax software for Windows XP ? Did you know that Windows XP comes with a Microsoft Fax module that will serve adequately as a simple PC-based fax utility ?

Don't let a separate program part you from your hard earned money to send and receive the occasional page or two. When you are done reading this Windows XP tips and tricks article, you'll be sending and receiving faxes from within any application on your pc.

You will need to have a modem installed on your pc to get the Microsoft Fax module working, but you would also need that with additional fax software for Windows XP.

If you haven't spotted the fax functionality on your pc yet, it's because it is not installed by default in Windows XP. So you will need to set it up first :

That's it ! The Microsoft fax service is now installed on your computer.

If you can print it, you can fax it

You just have to go through some simple additional configuration steps and you will be able to fax any document or any part of a it directly from your computer.

This will launch the Fax Configuration wizard. Work through it, entering your contact information when prompted.

Once you have completed the wizard, sending a fax is as simple as printing a document. Just launch the print command from the application menu and select "Fax" from the printer drop-down list. Windows will then start the "Send a new fax wizard" that will easily guide you through the steps for sending a fax.

If you want to send a quick standalone fax rather than fax a document from within an application, select Start->All Programs->Accessories->Communications->Fax->Fax Console

The Fax Console is where you can see your incoming and outgoing faxes. To send a standalone fax from here, select "File"->"Send a New Fax". That will also launch the "Send a New Fax" wizard.

The wizard will ask the recipient's name and fax number, allowing you to place this information in an Address Book.
Just as with more advanced fax software for Windows XP, you can send the same fax to multiple recipients. The wizard will also prompt you to choose one of the pre-designed cover sheets, where you can enter a subject line and any additional information that you would like to add.

Receiving a Fax

Once the Microsoft Service is installed, it will run automatically when your computer is turned on, listening for the phone to ring. When it does, you will see a message in the notification area (bottom right of your screen). Simply click this message to start receiving the fax. Once the fax is received, it will be available for you in the Fax Console.

As with other fax software for Windows XP, you can configure the Fax service to automatically start receiving faxes, for instance when you are away from your computer. You need to open the "Printers and Faxes" folder from the Control Panel to do this.

The Microsoft Fax service offers enough functionality to serve as a simple fax utility, but if you need something more powerful, you may want to take a look at some more sophisticated fax software for Windows XP, like WinFax Pro.

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