Excel password recovery

Need Excel Password Recovery ? Have you ever spent hours trying to remember a lost Excel password ? Especially when you are up against a deadline and you need access to that important spreadsheet it can drive you up the walls if you forgot your Excel password.

Well, the good news is : it can be done ! So nothing is irreparable in the computer world, you just need the right tools to get the job done.

Decryptum offers exactly that : a lightning fast and easy to use Excel password recovery tool. Need a Word password recovery tool ? No problem, they have that as well. In fact, Decryptum offers password recovery tools for nearly any application that you can think of : MS Access, Acrobat Reader, Winzip, Winrar, Outlook, Filemaker, Powerpoint, you name it.

There are other password decryption services out there, but we find that Decryptum offers a complete, fast and easy to use password recovery solution.

There's no need to install any password recovery software on your computer, your files are unlocked instantly and online. And you don't have to worry about security because everything is handled over a secure transaction.

Another thing you don't have to worry about is if the Excel password recovery (or Word password recovery, or any other application for that matter) will actually work for your particular document, because there is a test run available.

Free of charge.

That allows you to preview part of your decrypted document before you need to spend any money on the password recovery service.

This takes away all the risk, and that is also one of the reasons why we like this service, which has proven to be a real lifesaver on many different occasions.

If you have a lost Excel password, it may be a small comfort, but you are certainly not alone ! You wouldn't believe how many frustrated customers we've already helped accessing their password protected documents with this service.
You don't have to depend on us though. You can easily unlock your own password protected files by using Decryptum's online service.

Click here if you want to find out and see how it works.

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