framedyn.dll error when using System Restore

The following framedyn.dll error message appears when you want to use System Restore :

"System restore was unable to start due to a missing framedyn.dll. Please reinstall the application to fix this problem"

This page in our Windows XP tips and tricks section offers the solution.

When you have this error, there is probably something wrong with your Windows path. Normally, if you have Windows XP service pack 1 (or later) installed, you shouldn't be affected.

You can work around this situation by modifying your path environment variable.

To do this :

This should fix the situation. If you are performing these steps because you don't have Windows XP service pack 1 (or higher) installed, we recommend that you upgrade your Windows.

If you are not sure which service pack you have installed, you can do the following to find out :

Windows shows the System Properties dialog in which you can see your version of Windows XP and the installed service pack.

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