How to create your own website - a controversial new method

What is the best way to create your own website ? Since we regularly get this question (we happen to operate a highly-trafficked website), we decided to put up an article that sort of explains how this website came to be.

Of course we know html, javascript, ftp, DreamWeaver, etcetera, but we were getting questions from individuals with technophobia that still wanted to learn how to create their own site, without having to acquire geek-level 10.

How to build your own website

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My wife searched on Google and spotted a tiny little ad that promised quick results with a no-questions-asked-guarantee. It talked about this guy Ken Evoy, who might seem a little strange when you first watch the videos, but we decided to give it a shot, because what he was saying sort of made sense.

With a risk-free guarantee and a page full of proof, we had nothing to lose.

What we learned was that most websites fail, because the webmasters focus on flashy, fancy-looking animations instead of delivering something of value for their visitors. This controversial new method focuses on success, without the need for html, ftp, cgi, graphic or programming skills. It's all do-able.

We read words like "working smart" and "passion" and "guidance" and "support" and so we decided to tune down our geek-level a degree or two and have trust in the SBI process of creating your own website.

You are reading the results here and now.

Our little website started as an experiment with three pages in February 2006 and got indexed by Google one month later. The number of visitors more than doubled each month. Today, less than a year later, we serve over 11,000 unique visitors per month, and they all come from free search engines like Google, Yahoo, MSN Search and others.

Admitted, we have enough technical background to create a website any way we like, but SBI really takes the pain out of creating your own website for non-techies. If you are trying to figure out how to create your own website without the hassle of the technology behind the scenes, SBI is definitely going to give you a lot of bang for your buck.

They now even have instruction videos that teach you how to build your website, starting from keyword research up until completion of a highly-trafficked website, all from the comfort of your home.

The support is great and along the way you acquire valuable web skills and extremely powerful knowledge. With everything we learned we even managed to get the SiteSell Certified Webmaster certification and we have gotten several customers who understood the value of a highly-trafficked website, but wanted to concentrate on their business instead of creating their own website. They hired us to create their website for them.

So to conclude, we might say that our little experiment has turned out well, and if we now get questions of individuals who want to find out how to create your own website, we no longer have to scare them with horror stories about html and javascript courses. Better yet, if you know someone who is thinking about building a website, why not tell them about this article.

Click here to find out how to create your own website with SBI.


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