Menu bar missing in IE7?

Is your menu bar missing in IE7?
Microsoft's latest version of their internet browser, Internet Explorer 7 has quite some advantages over Internet Explorer 6, the previous version.

But it takes some getting used to.

Menu bar missing in IE7

The first thing you've probably noticed when you've opened up Internet Explorer 7 is that there's no menu bar along the top. Now, while it's perfectly possible to put the menu bar permanently at the top, that's most probably not going to be a reality for most Internet Explorer 7 users.

The designers wanted to give you more area for viewing the web pages you are visiting. Should you require the menu bar temporarily, just hit the ALT key once and it will pop up. Hit the ALT key again and it will go away.

Should you still prefer to have the menu bar permanently at the top, then you can always click on "tools" and select "menu bar" in the drop down menu.

Menu bar missing in IE7

De-selecting the "menu bar" option from the "tools" drop down menu returns to the default setting where you have your menu bar missing in ie7.

The "menu bar missing in ie7" syndrome is one of the most common problems people have when upgrading to Internet Explorer 7. But did you know that Internet Explorer 7 is jam-packed with new features that can make your web life way better?

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