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There are some more powerful windows tips that other readers found to be of particular interest. In order not to clutter our main navigation on the home page of the site, we are grouping them together on this page, which is directly accessible through the home page.

This page is a work in progress, so if you are looking for more helpful windows tips here, please be patient and visit back soon to discover more great windows tips and tweaks that make your life easier.

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Every journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step, so here are the first ones of our "powerful tips" series :

Windows 7 Training Guide
An overview of easy, step by step Windows 7 tutorials to help you work smarter with your computer.

Local Print Spooler Not Running
Finally an easy solution for the common local print spooler service not running error message.

Print Screen Software
Need just a little more oomph than the standard Windows 7 Snipping Tool? Consider your print screen software options.

Outlook Express for Windows 7
Many people are confused about their favorite free e-mail software in Windows 7.

Excel Password Recovery
If you have ever lost time trying to remember your lost password for a protected Excel or Word document, you'll find this little tip super useful.

Change the Windows Explorer start directory
You probably know that you can change the Windows Explorer start directory, but if you're not exactly sure how to do it, this quick tip will come in handy.

Download Windows XP Themes
The internet is crowded with free download site. Learn why some of them are more safe than others and how to make a distinction.

Skype free internet phone calls
There are more than a few people on the internet who have discovered worldwide free calling. Are you one of them? If not, catch up with this tip.

SVCHOST.exe 100% CPU Utilization
Many web pages talk about this problem, a lot of people cry out for help in discussion forums.
Here's how to FIX this problem.

Remote Computer Access Tips
Struggling with remote support? Whether you've never even used remote computer assistance or you are looking for more advanced techniques to remotely access computers behind a firewall, here's where you find out how to do it.

Detect IP Adress
Need to know your internet IP Address? View it HERE.

0xd0000006 error and Windows Update
Having trouble with Windows Update? Errors in the event log? Find out HERE how to nail the problem.

Computer Safety Tips
In this age of file sharing, instant messaging and digital downloads it's a must to be aware of the internet threats that may compromise your computer security.

Keep the Windows Registry Clean
Learn about the Windows Registry and how to keep it clean.

Change the My Documents Location
Have an additional hard disk and still running into storage problems? This little tip is so powerful that more people should know about it

Anti Spam Tips
Wondering where all the spam in your inbox is coming from?
Get an insight in how spammers think. Protect your inbox by applying these simple strategies.

How To Download Youtube Videos
Learn how you can easily and safely download videos from Youtube. Free.

Social Bookmarking Tips
Learn how to organize your favorites online and how to use social bookmarking to find interesting stuff on the net

Preparing Network Connections Slow
Is your computer suffering from this syndrome? Is your computer part of a domain? Chances are that this article has the solution you need

Confirm email delivery
See when your recipients receive and read your email messages

An introduction to RSS Feeds
Learn all about RSS Feeds and discover a new way of exploring the web

The benefits of multiple Windows user accounts
Enjoy separate e-mail inboxes, indivudual favorites and desktop preferences for each individual user that shares your computer. Additional benefits include improved security and dealing with corrupt Windows user profiles.

The dreadful Task Manager Disabled by Administrator message
An innocent setting from your network admin? If you are on a home computer, chances are that your computer is infected with a virus or malware.

Need hard disk data recovery services?
Check out these tips and a shocking anecdote if you ever need to call a data recovery expert

A good Windows backup strategy?
Most people don't like backups because they take up time and they are not easy to manage. Discover a few powerful tips and tricks that will make your backup life sooo much easier

What do YOU need to know about the Outlook autocomplete functionality?
If you are moving to another computer this neat little trick will help Outlook remember your contacts in its new name list

What to do if one day you go to your computer and you find your screen rotated sideways?
No need to panic, there's a very simple explanation for this ... and a FIX

Forgot your wireless encryption key and trying to add a computer to your secured wireless network?
Get help and see how to find a wireless key that's hidden in your system.

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