Windows XP Quick Launch Toolbar

Save time with the Quick Launch toolbar (QLT) :

The QLT contains small icons that start programs fast. Usually it sits next to the start button on the taskbar.

Quick Launch toolbar

Image 1: The Quick Launch toolbar in Windows XP

Display the Quick Launch toolbar

If you don't see the QLT on your taskbar, right-click an empty spot on your taskbar and select toolbars->Quick Launch.

Maybe the QLT doesn't show the icons you want. You can add programs to your QLT like this :

Don't select "move here" because doing so will remove the program from its original location under all programs.

To remove an icon from the Quick Launch toolbar, right-click it and select delete. This will only remove the icon from the QLT, not from your computer.

You will notice pretty soon that the space on the QLT is fairly limited. To enlarge it, move your mouse pointer over the vertical dotted pattern just to the right from the QLT until it changes into a double arrow and then drag the handle to the right. If you don't see the dotted pattern, you need to unlock the taskbar first. Right click an empty space on the taskbar and select "Lock the taskbar" if there is a checkmark.

Quick Launch toolbar

If you don't see this handle, you need to unlock your taskbar first

Short and sweet

When you hold your mouse pointer over one of the icons on the Quick Launch toolbar you will notice that a description appears. The default description is often veeery long or obscure.

Quick Launch toolbar

The description of the icons is sometimes rather long.

To adapt it to your needs, right click it and select properties.

In the dialog that appears, you will notice a tab "general" and a tab "shortcut".

In the "shortcut" tab, use the field "comment" to put any text you like. in the tab "general" you can enter any text in the field next to the icon.

Windows uses the combination of these two fields to show when you hold your mouse pointer over any icon on the QLT. Feel free to change it in whatever suits you.

Open your documents fast with the Quick Launch toolbar

Do you work with a certain document every day ? Why not make a shortcut to this document on the QLT ?

Open your favorite websites fast

Windows puts the new shortcut on the desktop and you can easily drag it to the QLT.

Create a mail message fast with the Quick Launch toolbar

You can also create an icon to start a new email message with one single click. It's easy.

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