Is your "Show Desktop icon" in XP missing ?

The "Show Desktop icon" in XP missing, a lot of people seem to be confronted with this phenomenon.

Show Desktop icon

This small icon on the Quick Launch bar is very handy when you need to access a program or document on your desktop. No need to close or minimize all your windows first, just click this little fellow and voila, your desktop shows up.

Sometimes people loose this icon. It can accidentally be deleted or you may loose it for some other reason, but the bottom line is : only few people know how to restore it.

That's because it is not an ordinary shortcut.

To recreate it :


If you can't move the new Desktop icon to your Quick Launch toolbar for whatever reason, you can also try the following technique :

Maybe you don't see the Application Data folder in your Explorer. To see it, you must enable visibility for hidden folders :

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