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Before I get to the meat of these social bookmarking tips, there are a couple of things you should be aware of.

First, there are a lot of social bookmarking sites and I'm just trying to introduce you to the phenomenon of social bookmarking, so please be patient with that.

Note that on the right hand side of this screen are a number of links to social bookmarking sites. These sites are not necessarily the most important ones, nor are they the only ones in their area, but I just want to show you a range of examples and some of the key players.

Besides social bookmarking sites, there are also social networking sites which have a focus on connecting with old and new friends and building networks. Social bookmarking and social networking sites tend to get a lot of traffic. In fact, for many people, these sites ARE the internet. They spend the vast majority of their time on these sites trying to find the information they are looking for.

Social bookmarking sites originally started from the idea that, if people could save their internet favorites online somewhere, they wouldn't lose all their bookmarks when their computer crashes. Or when they buy a new computer.

People can now also access their internet favorites regardless of where they are. Visiting a friend and want to show this cool website that you found the other day? Just login to your free social bookmarking account and you have all your favorites in front of you.

But it's not only about storing your internet favorites online, there are some additional advantages as well.

Social bookmarking tips - a new way of exploring the web

Another reason why more and more people are using social bookmarking tips to find useful content on the web is because search engines like Google, Yahoo and others are still relying on a software algorithm to provide you the most relevant content about your internet searches.

While this "artificial intelligence" gets better and better each and every day in serving you the best quality content available on the web, social bookmarking is driven by human judgement.

If a certain website gets a lot of attention and a lot of people are bookmarking that site, that must mean that it's a pretty cool website. Social bookmarking tips are a great way to discover what's hot on the net.

Let's take the example of digg for a minute, just for the sake of clarification. When you are surfing on the internet, you may come across web pages with "digg it" links on them. Those allow you to "vote" for them, in return for the information that they have to offer.

For instance, if you think this article provides useful content, you can "vote" for it by clicking on the "digg it" image members will automatically see that this article was dugg by a human being. Of course this system can be tricked by individuals casting false votes for certain shady sites, but generally speaking, these social bookmarking tips work pretty well.

Digg,, Simpy, Blink?

There are a number of social bookmarking websites that you can use, the trick is to find the one(s) that you feel most comfortable with. On the right hand side of this page are links to some of the most popular social bookmarking sites. was one of the early players where people were saving their bookmarks.

StumbleUpon gives you a toolbar that allows you to give a "thumbs up" for any site that you are visiting. If someone is bored they can click a button and the StumbleUpon toolbar will feed them a site that has a lot of thumbs up.

Don't be afraid to visit the social bookmarking sites, they all allow you to open an account and join for free. You can organize your favorites in your account profile and they all have help pages offering even more useful social bookmarking tips.

Social bookmarking is also about discovering popular topics and interesting trends on the internet by looking what others say about certain web spots.




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