Turn off System Restore

To turn off System Restore Click start -> All Programs -> Accessories -> System Tools -> System Restore.

If System Restore was turned off on your computer, you will see the following dialog :

Turn off System Restore

Nothing left to do, System Restore wasn't even active ! This was one of the easiest Windows XP tips and tricks ever !

If it was enabled, this is what you would have seen :

System Restore

You need to click the link that says "System Restore Settings" in order to get to the next screen :

Turn off System Restore

... you need to CHECK the check box that says "Turn off System Restore on all drives" and click ok.

That's all !

If you are not logged on as an administrator

You must be logged on to your computer as a user with administrative rights. If not, you won't be able to turn of System Restore. Windows will show you the following dialog if you are not logged on as an administrator and you try to disable System Restore :

Logon as non admin

If you see this dialog, you may need to obtain the password for an admin account from your computer vendor.

Reasons to turn off System Restore

If Windows XP System Restore is such a neat feature, why would you want to turn it off ?

Good question !

There are situations when it can be necessary to (temporarily) disable it :

When your computer gets infected with a virus it can happen that the virus is "backed up" in System Restore. Your virus scanner may still detect the presence of the virus in System Restore, but Windows blocks access to the System Restore files for other programs. That's why your virus scanner may come up repeatedly with warning messages and still be unable to clean the infection.

That is typically a situation where you must disable System Restore. When you disable System Restore, you delete all previously created restore points.

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