Windows XP auto logon

You might want to enforce Windows XP auto logon when you are the only person that uses your Windows XP computer.

If you use this little trick, you won't have to enter your username / password combination each time you power-on your computer. It's a huge time-saver.

Most people power-on their computer and then start doing something else, allowing their computer the time to start up. The net effect is that the computer starts up to the moment when you need to enter your logon credentials and then ...

... waits.

So you're busy with whatever it is that you are doing allowing your computer to start up. After some time you guess that your computer has gone through it's start up phase and is ready for you. You go over there, enter your credentials and then ...

... you wait.

That's because the computer needs some more time to load your user environment.

Ugh, not very efficient.

Try this :

You have now set up your computer to use the Windows XP auto logon. This has a few implications :

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