Windows XP Konfabulator is now free !

Windows XP Konfabulator fans were happily surprised with the acquisition of software house Pixoria by Yahoo, in July 2005.

The price for Konfabulator used to be US$ 19.95, but Yahoo decided to make it available for free.

Konfabu what ?

Konfabulator is software. For Mac and Windows users. You need it to run the so called "widgets" that you can get in the ever expanding widget library. These widgets take the information from different types of websites and put it on your screen.

You can display weather forecast information, stock exchange tickers, sports information, fuel prices, traffic information, the list is endless.

Omega Seamaster 300m

Show the current date and time in an Omega Seamaster 300m Chrono Diver Watch via Konfabulator.

If you take a look at the library you'll be amazed about the huge amount of sleek-looking widgets that is available for free. And best of all : Konfabulator is happy with few computer resources, so it won't slow down your machine too much.

Download Windows XP Konfabulator

Konfabulator (the widget engine) can be found at : (you'll find an amazing widget gallery as well).

Windows XP Konfabulator background

In 2000, programmer Arlo Rose invented the concept of putting scripts in a sleek-looking design. The people at Pixoria were pleasantly surprised to see Konfabulator-alike widgets in Apple's OS X Tiger operating system.

Pixoria developed a Windows version of the software (formerly only available for Mac OS X) in order to reach more users. Yahoo distributes Konfabulator for Windows XP free. Of course, they hope to gravitate more people to their website and expose other Yahoo services to the web site visitors.

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