Windows XP taskbar

Save time with the Windows XP taskbar and work more efficiently with Windows :

Windows XP tips and tricks are often about saving time. When it comes to saving time, the taskbar is a very powerful tool. It beats everything else hands down. That small bar at the bottom of your Windows desktop is the place to be for quick and easy access to everything you need.

Windows XP taskbar

Image 1: The well-known taskbar in Windows XP

Microsoft knows that the taskbar is very important and that's why Windows offers a ton of possibilities to customize it.

Customize the Windows XP taskbar :

If you want to customize the taskbar, you need to unlock it. When the taskbar is unlocked, it shows a pattern of dots just next to the start button.

Windows XP taskbar

If you don't see these dots, your taskbar is locked. To unlock it, right-click on an empty spot on the taskbar and remove the checkmark on "Lock the Taskbar" by clicking that option.

Taskbar menu

When you move your mouse pointer over the upper edge of the taskbar it changes into a double arrow. Now you can drag the upper edge upwards to make the taskbar broader. When the taskbar is two or more lines broad, Windows shows the day of the week and the date in addition to the time (see image 1)

The address bar on the taskbar

If you like to work faster in Windows, you can put a full-blown Internet Explorer and Windows Explorer address bar on your taskbar. This is also visible in image 1 at the top of this page. You can use this address bar to enter :

Right-click an empty area on the taskbar and choose "toolbars" and then "address". On the right, next to the system tray, you will see the word "address". You can drag the address bar handle (the dot pattern at the left of the word "address") over to the left. The input field becomes visible now.

If you feel that the "Go" button at the right of the address field takes up too much space, go via control panel to "internet options", click the "advanced" tab and scroll down to "show go button in address bar" and unselect it. You can even right-click the word address on the address bar and deselect "show title" to clean up even more.

Navigate from the Windows XP taskbar

If you want to add a favorite folder on your Windows XP taskbar, right-click an empty space on the taskbar and select "toolbars". Then choose "new toolbar" and navigate to the folder you want on your taskbar. Once selected, you will need to use the handle of this new toolbar to position it properly on the taskbar. To remove this toolbar, simply right-click the taskbar, select "toolbars" and deselect the name of the folder you just added.

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