The Windows XP Welcome Screen

The Windows XP welcome screen is what you will most probably see when you power-up your Windows XP computer.

Windows XP Welcome Screen

If your Windows XP welcome screen won't come up when you start your computer, your Windows is probably set to show the "logon screen" at startup.

Windows XP logon screen

You can easily switch between the welcome screen and the "logon screen" :

The next time you log on to your computer, you will logon through the welcome screen.

Note : if your computer is a member of a domain, you won't be able to use the welcome screen option.

The Windows XP Welcome screen vs logon screen :

Windows XP welcome screen

Windows XP logon screen

Customize the logon screen ?

Yes, when you have your Windows set up to use the logon screen, you can customize the background color. Or you can personalize some more by giving it your favorite image or picture as background image.

To change the background color :

The changes take place when you log off.

Windows XP logon screen

To put your favorite image or picture in the background of the logon screen :

The changes take effect as soon as you log off and on again.

Customized Windows XP logon screen

A customized Windows XP logon screen

If you change the string HKEY_USERS\.DEFAULT\CONTROL PANEL\DESKTOP\TILEWALLPAPER to 1 instead of 0, you will get a tiled effect with the bitmap :

Customized Windows XP logon screen

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